Version 0.41 In early 2001, another friend of mine who was constantly testing the emulator pushed me to fix bugs after bugs. After so many bugs had been smashed so that I couldn't remember which they were, I decided I should prepare a bugfixed version. It was ready and released in late April 2001.
Emulators Unlimited learned about this emulator and proposed it to be hosted at emuunlim.com. I updated the URL in the FAST program and documentation, and fixed a severe bug in the protected mode manager that crashed the emulator at startup on some machines. Version 0.41a was ready for release.
Version 0.4 After version 0.2 was released, I started working on Tand-Em, a Tandy 1000 emulator. Yet, I felt I should continue working on FAST, so I wrote most of the improvements of version 0.4 during 1999.
A private version 0.27 was released at the LTP 3 demoparty in Paris/France in late August 1999. It was already featuring IKBD and FDC redirection support, and, of course, a lot of bugs. After about 3 months of debugging, version 0.4 was ready and released in late November 1999, with still many bugs. With version 0.4, I decided version numbers would reflect the completion of Atari ST emulation only, since Amiga emulation code was no more included in the distribution archive.
Version 0.2 The FAST project started in August 1995 and was meant to be an Amiga emulator (at the time UAE hadn't been released, but had been in the works for 6 months already). The project was first codenamed "Amigoïda".
After one year of coding the 68000 emulation, another 3 months for the CIA emulation and a rename to "Aphiga", UAE had been released. A friend of mine proposed to try to emulate the Atari ST, and after only 2 or 3 days of fiddling, I was viewing the GEM desktop on my PC screen. That really motivated me to continue with ST emulation, and I decided to incorporate both Amiga and Atari ST into the project. The name "FAST" came quickly after, and FAST version 0.2 was released in late 1997.